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Master's Degree



Master’s Degree in Gerontology

The Master of Arts (M.A.) curriculum is designed for two types of students seeking careers in gerontology. A program administration concentration prepares students to work in aging services and policy analysis and focuses on program design and administration. A research concentration prepares students to enter doctoral programs in gerontology, sociology, psychology, policy studies, family studies or related fields and for beginning careers with organizations engaged in aging research.
The M.A. degree is a 36-semester-hour program of study and may be pursued by students on a full-time or a part-time basis. Full-time students will usually complete the program in two years. The curriculum emphasizes the development of skills in addition to the acquisition of knowledge. During the internship, Program Administration students work in agencies and community organizations that plan or administer aging programs, while Research students work with a faculty mentor on a research project. Internships for both tracks require approximately 10 hours per week.  A thesis is required of students in both concentrations.


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Requirements for the Master of Arts in Gerontology

(Courses are three semester hours)

Prerequisite required of students without previous coursework in statistics.

  SOCI 3010   Social Statistics or another approved statistics course

1. Core courses (18 semester hours)

  GERO 7110  Aging Policy and Services
  GERO 7200  Health and the Older Adult
  GERO 8000  Seminar in Gerontology
  GERO 8100  Research Methods in Gerontology
  GERO 8116  Sociology of Aging
  GERO 8320  Psychology of Aging
2. Concentration requirements (12 hours). Select one of the following areas.
 A. Program Administration Concentration

  GERO 7260  Aging Practice, Policy, and Research
  GERO 8200  Aging Program Administration
  GERO 8910  Gerontology Internship
  GERO 8999  Thesis Research

 B.  Research Concentration

  GERO 8110  Evaluation Research in Gerontology
  GERO 8124  Ethnicity and Aging
  GERO 8990  Research Practicum
  GERO 8999  Thesis Research

3. Elective courses (6 hours)

  GERO 6475  Communication and Aging
  GERO 7260  Aging Practice, Policy, and Research (if not required in concentration)
  GERO 8102  Life Course Sociology
  GERO 8115  Qualitative Gerontology
  GERO 8119  Global Aging and Social Policies
  GERO 8122  Death, Dying, and Loss
  GERO 8124  Ethnicity and Aging (if not required in concentration)
  GERO 8200  Aging Program Administration (if not required in concentration)
  GERO 8330  Mental Health and Aging
  GERO 8340  Dementia
  GERO 8700  Special Topics in Gerontology
  GERO 8800  Directed Reading in Gerontology
4.  A thesis    Approved by the student’s thesis committee and the director of the Gerontology Institute


Application Process

The Gerontology Institute welcomes applications from professionals working in the field of gerontology, college seniors and recent graduates, mature or returning students, individuals making career changes, retirees, and international students. It is not necessary to have a background in gerontology to gain admission to the master’s program. 

How to Apply

The Office of Graduate Studies of the College of Arts and Sciences handles all applications for the M.A. in Gerontology. Please go to the college website to Graduate Programs,, to apply for admission online. Applicants should follow the instructions outlined in the Application Guide,, and have on hand the required information prior to accessing the online application.  

When to Apply

Applicants to the M.A. program are encouraged to apply as early as possible. The admissions committee reviews applications when they are received. April 15th is the application deadline for fall semester, and October 15th is the application deadline for spring semester. International students are advised to apply by March 15 for fall semester and September 15 for spring semester to allow time for obtaining a visa.  

What to Submit

In addition to completing all GSU application forms, submitting official transcripts, and paying the required application fee, applicants to the M.A. in Gerontology must provide the following items:

1. Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores.

2. Three letters of recommendation.

3. A statement of educational and career goals.

4. A current resume. 

Graduate Record Exam

A testing center is located at Georgia State University. Applicants may register for the test by calling 404-413-1737 or obtain test preparation information by calling 404-413-6406. Additional information about the GRE and test preparation as well as the location of other test sites is available at