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Undergraduate Certificate



The Undergraduate Certificate in Gerontology is designed to prepare students for advanced study in gerontology and for beginning careers in the aging field.  The 18-semester-hour curriculum provides basic knowledge of the biological, psychological, and sociological aspects of aging; health care and social service programs available to older persons; and contemporary aging policy issues. Through course work and internship experience, students gain specialized knowledge and skills that prepare them to work with older people in a variety of settings including government agencies, volunteer programs, recreation programs, senior citizen centers, nursing homes, and senior living facilities.

Requirements for the Undergraduate Certificate in Gerontology
(All courses are three semester hours)

1. Core courses (12 hours)
  GERO 4116         Aging and Society
  GERO 4200         Health and the Older Adult
  GERO 4610         Psychology of Aging (Prerequisite: PSYC 1101)

Select one of the following courses:
  GERO 4110         Aging Policy and Services
  SW 4260             Aging Practice, Policy, and Research

2. Elective courses (3 hours)
  GERO 2000         Introduction to Gerontology
  GERO 4110         Aging Policy and Services (If not taken in section 1.
  GERO 4119         Global Aging and Family
  GERO 4122         Death, Dying, and Loss

  GERO 4130         Family, Intimacy and Aging
  GERO 4475         Communication and Aging
  GERO 4700         Special Topics in Gerontology

  GERO 4800         Directed Study in Gerontology

  SW 4260             Aging Practice, Policy, and Research (If not taken in section 1.)

3. Internship (3 hours)
  GERO 4910         Gerontology Internship or an approved alternate internship course


Students must be enrolled in a degree program at Georgia State University and should have selected a major area of study before applying to the certificate program. Students should contact the Gerontology Institute for advisment about applying to the Undergraduate Certificate in Gerontology. 

For general information about Georgia State University and undergraduate admission materials, contact the Office of Admissions, 404/413-2500 or visit the university website,



Please note the following information provided in compliance with Department of Education regulations:

Program costs*
Graduate tuition per credit hour:
In-State: $336.00
Out-of-State: $1,200.00

Undergraduate tuition per credit hour:
In-State: $251.20
Out-of-State: $858.20

Fees and other costs:
Mandatory student fees per term: $1,064.00
Books and supplies per term: $500.00
Room and board per term: $4613.00

Completion time: 2-3 semesters

*All figures are estimates only and subject to change without notice.

Occupations by names and Standard of Classification (SOC) codes that the program begins to prepare students to enter