Georgia State University

Georgia State University


Affiliated Faculty Members

Nathan S. Atkinson, Assistant Professor, Communication
Research interests: Rhetorical theory and visual rhetoric, with an emphasis on non-fiction film circulation. Recent work has focused on the role of the visual rhetoric in early Cold War era controversies over the control of nuclear weapons.


Abbas Barzegar, Assistant Professor, Religious Studies
Institute of Social Policy and Understanding Fellow. Research Interests: Historical and Political Islam, Muslims in the United States.


Saeid Belkasim, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Research interests: pattern recognition and digital image processing, focusing mainly on shape retrieval from large databases and extending it to applications in bioinformatics.


Michael. Lane Bruner, Professor, Communication
Research interests: relationship between language and political power, especially at it relates to national identity construction, economic globalization, and resistance to political oppression. 


Ian Campbell, Assistant Professor, Middle East Institute
Research interests: classical Arabic literature and culture and the Islamic influence on the development of medieval and Renaissance Europe is the Arabic-language novel of Morocco.


David Cheshier, Associate Professor, Communication
Research interests: public deliberation and argumentation, especially as shaped by hyperactive collective emotions such as fear and anger, foreign policy rhetoric, new media theory, rhetorical theory and criticism.


John Duffield, Professor, Political Sciences
Research interests: security affairs, with an emphasis on international security institutions and energy security.


Nadia Latif, Professor, Religious Studies
Research Interests: New Media, migrant narratives, ethnography of Palestinian refugee camps.



Tony Lemieux, Associate Professor, Communication
Research Interests: psychological, communicative & behavioral aspects of cybersecurity; experimental research on support for terrorism.


William Long, Professor, Political Science
Research interests: health diplomacy and transnational governance, international cooperation and conflict resolution, international political economy, and international trade and technology transfer.


Kathryn McClymond, Professor, Religious Studies
Research interests: ritual theory; comparative history of religions, Judaism, Hinduism.


Ben Miller, Assistant Professor, English and Communication
Research interests: human rights data analysis, with a particular interest in natural language processing, the material history of data media, and the structure of witness narratives of traumatic, population-level events.


Yi Pan, Professor, Computer Science
Research interests: feature detection using machine learning methods, parallel and distributed computing, optical networks, wireless networks, and bioinformatics.


Shawn Powers, Assistant Professor, Communication
Research interests: international communication, with particular attention to the geopolitics of information and technology in the Middle East.


Matthew Roudane, Professor, English
Research interests: international exchange of scholars, international education, American drama, modern drama, and American literature.


Louis A. Ruprecht Jr., Professor, Religious Studies
Research interests: the appropriation of classical culture by subsequent cultures, and how such adaptations distort what they appropriate. Recent focus has been on Christian church's war over images.



Renée Schatteman, Associate Professor, English
Research interests: the lingering effects of apartheid violence in southern Africa and issues of violence as related to migration and the African diaspora.


Jelena Subotic, Assistant Professor, Political Science
Research interests: legacies of past violence and ways in which they impact contemporary inter-state and intra-state conflict, as well as understanding how cultural identity guides security and foreign policy choices of states.


Rajshekhar Sunderraman, Professor, Computer Science
Research interests: databases and logic programming including Oracle Programming.


Leonard Teel, Professor, Communication
Research interests: Middle Eastern media, journalism history, and international media systems.


Michael Weeks, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Research interests: digital signal processing, embedded systems, and bioinformatics.


Carol Winkler, Professor, Communication
Research interests: visual communication, strategic communication, and online messaging strategies.


Yanqing Zhang, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Research interests: machine learning, data mining, web intelligence, security, bioinformatics, green computing, intelligent wireless mobile computing and optimization.


Ying Zhu, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Research interests: data visualization and computer graphics, with a particular interest in the analysis and visualization of data that involve interconnected geo-location and time information.