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Houda Abadi, Ph.D Student

 Houda Abadi Houda Abadi is a fourth year PhD student in Communication Studies and a Transcultural and conflict transformation presidential fellow at Georgia State University. She holds a graduate certificate from Duke-UNC in Middle East Studies. Her primary research interests are: political communication, new media, identity-politics, terrorism, Activism and resistance, post-colonialism, and social movements in MENA. She has been active in presenting and organizing events in campus around the “Arab Spring”. She received her BA from Luther College, majoring in Political Communications and a Master's degree from the Whitehead School of Diplomacy at Seton Hall University, majoring in International Relations and Diplomacy with a focus in Conflict Resolution.

She is currently working on her dissertation on the Moroccan February 20th Movement and examines the different tactics and cultural framework the movement employs to constitute a sympathetic public. She examines the appropriation of national symbols, use of local dialects that questions the very notion of ‘Moroccan Identity’. By looking at the practices of the February 20th movement, she interrogates formations like “the Muslim World”, the “Arab Spring”, and the artificial, binaries of “East and “West”. She will be conducting ethnographic work in Morocco to question these very issues and examine the gender role within the February 20th movement.

Prior to pursuing her doctorate degree, she served as a Middle East and North Africa intern in a human rights organization and acted as a liaison between the United Nations Institute of Research and Training and Arab Diplomats. Following graduation from her Master’s degree, Houda served in NYC as the Director of Education in two non-profit organizations that facilitates dialogue between Jewish and Muslim youth. She was also a researcher, translator, and writer for Muslim Women’s issues at Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality.

Publications and Research

Our Souls Belong to God “ Al Qaida’s Martyrdom Operation Management and Political Survival

•   Alta Conference


Celebrating AlHaked: Sound Tracking Resistance 
    Published at the online Peer reviewed scholarly Middle East Journal- Jadaliyya

Democracy or the Illusion of Democracy: Collective Memory as a Rhetorical Strategy for Continuity and Change in Morocco
•    Paper presented at Fourteenth Mediterranean Research Meeting
Content Analysis: NYT & Le Monde Coverage of Tunisian and Egyptian Uprising
•    Presented at NCA
Oslo Accords Content Analysis: Lessons we can Learn from Oslo
•    Presented at scholar to scholar session at NCA
February 20th Movement: Aesthetics of Protests, Collective Memory
•    Presented at MESA and AUSACE
Performing Protests: Morocco and February 20th Movement
•    Presented at Arab Springs: Revolution and Repression: Duke University
Internet Technologies & Emerging Sherazades
•    Presented at Gender Matters- Governor’s State University
Islam, Women, the Veil and the West Conference
•    Presented at Montana University & United Nations under US Federation for Middle East Peace
•    Published in Montana University Press
Us vs. Them: U.S. Newsmagazine coverage of Muslims after 9/11
•    Published in the Journal of Communications of Iowa 2003
•    Co-authorship with Dr. Kim Powell
•    Presented at NCA

Selected Professional Presentations

Hollywood and Orientalism

Guest lecturer at Georgia State University: Media and Popular Culture


Transnational Muslim Youth, Politics, and Art
Panelist on use of Art, Resistance and Mobilization: University of North Carolina

Visual Propaganda in Online Radicalization
Arabic translator and conference note-taking- GSU
Contemporary Jewish Muslim Relations: Navigating Complexities
Women’s History Month Speaker- Ramapo Lecture Series
Media and the Ethics of Representation in Post 9/11 world
Guest Speaker at Luther College Alma Matter
Muslim, Jewish & Christian Women building bridges for Peace and Understanding
Organized by UN commission Panel and US Federation for Middle East Peace
Women’s Struggles and Movements in Morocco
Organized by UN commission Panel and US Federation for Middle East Peace