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Georgia State University


Sara Baugh-Harris, PhD Student, Rhetoric & Politics

Sara Baugh Harris Sara Baugh-Harris (B.A. Florida State University, English Literature, 2005; M.A. University of South Florida, English Literature, 2007) is entering her second year as a presidential fellow in the Transcultural Conflict and Violence cluster of the 2nd Century Initiative. As a first year fellow, she focused much of her research on the solution side of transcultural violence by exploring how participation in urban debate leagues impacts the behavior and academic success of female students from at-risk communities. The results from this study were presented by Dr. Carol Winkler at Oxford University and appeared in the Forum on Public Policy (2013). As Baugh-Harris moves into her second year, she will expand this research to explore the long-range social and cognitive impact of debate for students who participate at the middle school level.

Beyond her research as a fellow, Baugh-Harris draws from her interest in the intersectionality of race, culture, and economics in the United States to explore Latin@ issues of identity, agency, and citizenship, both historical and contemporary. She will present her research at the National Communication Association this fall.

Publication and Research

  • Carol Winkler, C. Kevin Fortner, and Sara Baugh. 2013. Overcoming Educational Challenges to Women Living in At-Risk Communities through Urban Debate. Forum on Public Policy, Vol 2013, no 1.
  • Sara Baugh, “Not Just a Side of Rice and Beans”: An Examination of the Presence, Problem, and Potential of “Latino” Panethnicity,” National Communication Association Annual Conference, Latina/Latino Communication Studies Division, Washington, DC, November 2013.